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User (Customer)

Once logged in Users must select their starting and destination address and the type of vehicle, and then need to set the number of vehicles. Finally, it comes to deal, If the deal is been made then transportation will start immediately or else user have to repeat their request.

Truck Brokers (Agents)

Check load request from the required customers posting Load Request in truck brokers app by accepting the request and block the vehicles available in the city by pressing block it in truck brokers app to share the information to transporter for general commission in the process.

Mini Truck Drivers

Local requirements frequently by the retailers/ distributors/ house hold goods shifting can be accepted once the notification received directly by direct mini truck drive by truck brokers app.

Heavy Truck Owners

Post your empty vehicle availability to many people by entering FROM address TO address at a minimum cost by using voucher and uploading details reaching more number of brokers / transporters in that city.

TB Company Distributors

On behalf of heavy truck driver / owner, you can upload the empty vehicle details by charging rupees 100/- per vehicle access from the website vouchers and get commission on each sale. You can also see the local request for mini trucks , heavy truck loads request by the customer and share to other non registered vehicles available in that city on cost of rupees 25/- & 100/- respectively.


Vehicles required by the customers other than regular customers accept Load Request through truck brokers app and increase the supply chain, even the availability of trucks knowing with information shared by truck brokers app after block it notification delivered from brokers in the same city.

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